Ellie Peach is travelling over 10,000 miles to see Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Edinburgh., Scotland having said she is willing to do ‘anything’ to see the pop star perform live

Tickets on viagogo are listed for as much as £5,663 for her second last UK show, and a jaw-dropping £6,452 each for her final UK show on 17 August(Ellie Peach Instagram)

A nurse and die-hard Taylor Swift fan is embarking on a 10,000-mile journey to attend the Eras Tour in Edinburgh.

Ellie Peach has been on a relentless quest for tickets to the sold-out concerts for months, until she was offered a way in by someone online. She quipped that they “don’t seem like a murderer”, and is ready to take the gamble – and endure the 24-hour flight – to join them at the gig and find out.

Swift is set to perform in Edinburgh for three dates in June. Many fans have shelled out hundreds for a spot at the concerts, but few are undertaking quite as epic a journey as Ellie, who will travel all the way from Australia. On May 12, she shared a video saying: “Guys, I think I’m gonna fly to Edinburgh and go to the Eras Tour.”

“I think I’m gonna do it. Someone has offered me a ticket to go with them, someone from the internet who doesn’t seem like a murderer,” she said, reports Edinburgh Live.

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour will be in Edinburgh on June 7, 8 and 9(Kevin Mazur/TAS24/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management)

“I mean they could be? But I had other people as well offer me tickets. I think I’m gonna go, I’m serious. I have to see that live, and I’m working full time. If it puts me in financial ruin, so be it,” Ellie said.

“This is one of the crazier things I’ve ever done. I can’t tell my family because they’ll think I’m irresponsible with money. Maybe I am, but I will have gone to the Eras Tour. And, I’ve never been to Edinburgh so I’ll tick that off my list as well.”

As she is a nurse, Ellie shared how she will need to get three of her shifts covered and that she will claim to her boss that she won the tickets. “I’ll go to him with a solution, and beg and then maybe cry,” she explained.

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