Conservative radio host Mark Simone sparked outrage after dismissing concerns about a new Arizona Supreme Court ruling that would almost completely ban abortion in the state, saying it is “not the worst thing in the world” if women have to travel out of state for the procedure.

During the discussion, Simone addressed the Court’s validation of an 1864 law criminalizing almost all abortions, which would override the state’s existing 15-week abortion ban.

Asked by Fox Business host Larry Kudlow about the “tricky business” of prohibiting abortion given that Republicans and Democrats nationwide strongly support the procedure, Simone said:

“It hurts [former President Donald] Trump for a few days and then people start to realize this not the worst thing in the world.”

Kudlow pressed further:

“He may come out — he’ll come out against it — oh no, maybe he won’t. Remember his point was the legislature, Mark. He didn’t mention the courts, so this is tricky. State supreme court, does that qualify as a state decision?”

To this, Simone responded:

“Yeah, it is to be pro-choice, states can decide. If you had to travel to another state to get an abortion, it’s not the worst thing in the world. Hopefully this is a very rare occurrence in your life, once in your life, maybe you would do it.”

“Buying a bus ticket to go somewhere to get it is not worst thing in the world.”

You can watch their interaction in the video below.

Simone’s callous remarks were harshly criticized as many pointed out the obstacles faced by women who are forced to travel out of state for reproductive healthcare.

Arizona’s Supreme Court decision, which effectively bans nearly all abortions without exceptions for rape or incest, has ignited widespread debate about reproductive rights and women’s healthcare access.

The ruling, put on hold temporarily pending further legal arguments, is expected to have far-reaching implications for the state and potentially influence the upcoming November election. While several polls show Trump currently a few points ahead of President Joe Biden in the state, he and Republicans have faced significant electoral losses since Roe v. Wade was overturned in 2022.

While Simone highlighted the option for individuals to travel across state lines to access abortion services, he fails to understand the practical difficulties, including financial burdens and logistical challenges.

The cost of the procedure itself, coupled with additional expenses such as transportation and accommodation, not to mention time off work and childcare, renders this option unfeasible for many individuals, particularly those already facing financial hardship.

This ruling comes as abortion rights groups approach the requisite number of signatures to get a ballot initiative on the November ballot that would enshrine abortion rights into the state constitution, something that is widely seen as a vote driver for Democrats.

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