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26 Apr 2024, 14:00

Race Across The World (2024)

Race Across The World has confirmed why the teams were not allowed to travel through China during the latest leg of the competition. 

The BBC exploration show last aired on Wednesday (24th April) and saw the contestants flown from Seoul in South Korea to the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi. Usually, the challengers are not allowed to travel by plane, but they were told they would be unable to travel through China to make their third checkpoint at the Cambodian capital of Phnom Penh.

Now, all the questions have been answered, with a Race Across The World spokesperson telling Yahoo that the COVID-19 pandemic and all its limitations was the reason behind the detour. 

“At the time of planning the route, due to time constraints and difficulties in travel in the aftermath of the global pandemic, it was not possible for production to travel through China and so a flight was organised from Seoul to Hanoi,” the spokesperson told Yahoo

It’s not the first time Race Across The World has been forced to change direction in order to avoid travel issues. In series two, contestants were forced to fly over Ecuador due to civil unrest in the country. The flight also meant that the competition remained fair for everyone, as they could continue their journeys at the same point. 

Race Across The World said goodbye to one of its pairs in the latest episode as Sharon and daughter Brydie were eliminated from the competition. 

As the pair began their journey through Vietnam to Cambodia, Sharon explained: “Because of the elimination we just really want to get going now, and get into Cambodia, every minute counts doesn’t it, we’ve got to try and catch up six hours.”

Despite giving it their all and keeping up morale throughout the leg, it wasn’t quite enough and Sharon and Brydie were last to arrive at the checkpoint hotel in Cambodia, and sent home from the competition.

Reflecting on their experience, Brydie said: “I think it’s been great for me just to have some time with my mum… We can share that together, that’s what the race has meant to me.”

She added: “What I have really got out of the race, is just showing my mum that I can do things without her, with all my life skills that she has given me. And that I am grown up, and I’ve got this!”

Race Across The World continues Wednesday nights on BBC One at 9pm and BBC iPlayer. 

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