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The private tourism sector in Pattaya convened a workshop yesterday to discuss strategies for repositioning the city as a comprehensive travel destination, aiming to shift its reputation beyond just a nightlife and entertainment hub.

Representatives from eight tourism associations, four tourism clubs, and major tour operators within Pattaya City and Chon Buri province attended the event. Government officials from the Chon Buri Provincial Tourism and Sports Administration, Chon Buri Provincial Administrative Organisation, Pattaya City, Pattaya Municipality, and U-Tapao Airport were also present.

Thanet Supasahatsarungsi, President of the Chon Buri Tourism Federation, highlighted that Pattaya has undergone a significant transformation, now offering various attractions suitable for all types of visitors, including families. The city boasts numerous sports facilities, such as over 20 world-class golf courses within a 30-kilometre radius.

Additionally, Pattaya is home to upscale shopping malls, spas, and international restaurants. However, Thanet noted that the city’s public image remains largely associated with its nightlife and entertainment scene.

To address this issue, Thanet organised a workshop to devise new marketing strategies aimed at promoting Pattaya’s diverse tourism offerings. Participants focused on highlighting the charms of small towns and traditional Thai life in areas such as Sri Racha, Bang Saen, and Phanat Nikhom. The goal is to showcase that Pattaya has much more to offer beyond its nightlife.

Tourism officials emphasised the importance of encouraging visitors to explore other activities besides nightlife. They suggested that visiting temples and religious attractions, beaches, islands, traditional Thai cultural attractions, floating and traditional markets, and experiencing traditional Thai music and shows can be equally rewarding.

Thanet stressed that learning about Thai culture, language, and life should be prioritised over nightlife, reported The Pattaya News.

“Ideas gathered from the workshop will be shared with government agencies so that travellers will hopefully recognise Pattaya for more than just its nightlife scene.”

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