Lupe Pintos is so much more than a deli, with all the unusual and hard-to-find international ingredients crammed in it, it’s an Aladdin’s cave of food.

This tiny shop in the Tollcross neighbourhood is an Edinburgh institution and my go-to spot for Mexican sauces, American candy, Spanish wines and Indian spices.

But it’s also, literally, so much more than a deli. They’ve two cookbooks, and quite the collection of recipes on their website or leaflets that can be picked up in store. I have never looked for another chili recipe since I discovered theirs. They also run tasting evenings and cook-off competitions that are great opportunities to meet like-minded foodies and adds to the community feel the shop has. It is the same staff that has served me for the past 17 years, getting to know what I like and suggesting new ingredients or recipes to try each time I’m in the shop.

The only problem is trying to limit my trips to the store as I could work my way through a bag of their tortilla chips a day if I let myself. And their homemade salsa and guacamole are phenomenal!

The stock varies slightly depending on what is available, but it is always possible to request items or find out when they will next be in store.

Lupe Pintos perfectly combines my love of food and travel – heaven!

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