Solo female travel has increased drastically in the last two decades, from traditional land travel to cruising and beyond. As a huge advocate of solo female travel, I do it often. For me, the cons pale in comparison to the pros (heading to the beach, brunch, a bike ride or a nap whenever I want on vacation is unbeatable). Unfortunately, there are some destinations where traveling alone as someone who identifies as female can demand some serious street smarts.

Take Quito, Ecuador. There’s a whole lot to love about Quito, which I witnessed myself, from Ecuadorian food bursting with fresh flavors to friendly and welcoming locals and easy access to nature. The city is even recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

However, Ecuador can be dangerous, and that includes the capital city of Quito. As of mid 2024, the U.S. Department of State advises increased caution: “Crime is a widespread problem in Ecuador. Violent crime, such as murder, assault, kidnapping, and armed robbery, is prevalent and widespread.” Spotlight Initiative, a UN program to end violence against women and girls, also claims that, based on the statistics of femicides throughout the country, “every 28 hours a woman is murdered for gender-related reasons.”

Considering all of this, you might reasonably be wondering if Quito is safe, especially for solo female travelers. Having traveled to Quito solo, I can say that yes, Quito is safe for female-identifying travelers, but taking extra precautions to better protect yourself can help make it safer. Here is our list of 10 safety tips for Quito as a solo female traveler.

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