Mumbai: In its latest campaign films, Niyo introduces travel personas based on real-world experiences. The company has introduced ‘The Niyo Way to Travel’ through which it is hoping to create a paradigm shift in the world of travel.

This approach is not just a play on the “new” way to travel, but a declaration of intent to revolutionise the status quo and instigate a significant behavioural shift in the world of travel exlains the company.

These personas look to illustrate the shortcomings of outdated travel methods, showcasing how reliance on conventional approaches often leads to disappointment and frustration. As the narrative unfolds, viewers witness these antiquated norms being overturned, paving the way for a new era of travel and discovery.

This proposition stems from realisation that the conventional methods of travel have remained largely unchanged for a long period of time. Niyo aims to challenge this stagnation and usher in a new era characterised by dynamism, efficiency, and a sense of exploration. It is committed to empowering the modern traveller with financial services that makes travel Affordable, Accessible and Seamless it explains.

Creatively manifested through a visual world known as the “Dreamscape”, Niyo’s new brand world is an immersive one where possibilities are limitless, and imagination knows no bounds. The travellers in the Niyo world are engaged explorers, not merely tourists. Here, the travel card holds a larger-than-life gravitas and perspective, effortlessly propped in any location. Drawing inspiration from diverse landscapes across the globe, the Dreamscape embodies the essence of wanderlust and serves as a visual testament to the transformative power of travel.

Varun Khullar, Creative Partner at Spring Marketing Capital said, “At Spring we build for the long term with our skin-in-the-game approach. So as brand custodians of Niyo this brand revamp was conceptualized holistically at a strategy, design, and creative communications level. We have all witnessed archaic forms of travel finance around us. Most of us are still stuck in the old ways. And have also suffered at the hands of it. The new campaign aims to usher in a new era of travel, far from the archaic and cumbersome options available to us. The films showcase different Indian travel personas and their dependence on outdated travel finance solutions leading them to disappointment. Through this campaign, we aim to usher in a truly Niyo way to travel.”

Sushanth Ravikumar, senior VP head marketing Niyo said, “With Niyo’s pivot to the travel fintech business, it was important for us to have a new brand positioning and an overarching thought that defines the brand’s purpose and future. Niyo has been at the forefront of reimagining travel solutions powered by fintech, be it the zero forex markup feature or the international lounge access. Our vision is to make travel hassle-free and seamless, powered by fintech solutions. The new brand positioning reflects the shift – a change in travel mindset. The new films and visuals reflect that – marries strong consumer insights with sharp product features in a visually compelling format.”

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