A FLIGHT attendant has revealed the one packing mistake that could get your plane delayed.

Delays at airports are very common, but there are ways in which passengers can minimise their chances of getting held up.

A flight attendant revealed the one common mistake you could be making while packingCredit: Getty

Now, a flight attendant who wanted to be known as Cici has shared her expertise, having worked at a major airline for six years.

She shared the biggest mistakes she sees passengers make when packing a carry-on suitcase.

Every day, Cici witnesses holidaymakers making mistakes with their carry-on bags.

And one rookie mistake she draws attention to is actually something that increases in risk mid-journey.

Speaking to Business Insider, Cici said that travellers whose essentials aren’t easily accessible can cause boarding delays.

Cici said passengers who need to access their carry-on suitcases can sometimes cause delays in boarding.

She tells passengers to pack everything they need for a flight in their personal item.

“People put things that they need on the plane — like their book and their earbuds or whatever they’re going to need — inside their suitcase,” she said.

“And it’s not easy to access.”

A passenger who has to get in their suitcase and sift through their belongings during boarding can also block other passengers from their seats and cause delays, Cici said.

Waiting until they’re in midair to get items from their suitcase is risky too.

This is because turbulence could’ve shifted the bags in the overhead bin, which might cause them to fall and injure someone.

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Cici said her advice is to make sure all your flight essentials are in your personal item, which will be within reach during the flight.

Other mistakes the flight attendant has spotted includes passengers stuffing their carry-on bags so full they can’t lift them into overhead bins.

Cici said passengers should be confident and comfortable lifting their luggage.

And if a flight attendant got injured while helping with heavy suitcases, they may not receive worker’s compensation.

Meanwhile, Cici said that carrying too many bags to the gate can also cause problems.

Staff may ask passengers to consolidate their belongings into just two bags.

Most airlines allow passengers to store one item in the overhead bin and fit one personal item below the seat in front of them.

And failure to do so can cause delays for boarding and take-off.

It goes without saying that you should take care while packing liquids for your flight.

Cici agrees and says that you should choose travel-sized containers wisely which are the best at preventing leaks.

If you can bring a reusable bottle it’s even better, meaning you can breeze through security checks with the empty container before filling it up later.

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