MW Tours, alongside Air Mauritius and the Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority, hosted a famil tour from March 13th to 20th, seamlessly blending the allure of Mauritius’ diverse attractions with the island’s rich cultural tapestry, breathtaking landscapes, and unmatched hospitality.

(Lead Image: Danny Lao, Atlas Travel; Navy Wang, MW Tours; Angela Jenkins, Travel Associates Toronto; Lisa Ahearn, Destination HQ; Mary-Anne Spring, Helloworld Travel Bunbury; Nicole Campbell, Best 4 Travel; Hannah Henry Flight Centre Shepparton; Bisha Balan, RAC Travel & Cruise WA; Sonja Jones, Helloworld Drysdale and Kate Narracott, MTA Travel).

Kicking off with a quintessentially Mauritian welcome, guests were enveloped in vibrant floral displays and toasted with celebratory champagne, setting the tone for a week of immersion in the island’s charms.

Their accommodation journey commenced with two nights at the opulent Heritage Le Telfair, where the southwest beach’s tranquil vistas and lavish comforts awaited them.

Transitioning westward, the group savored a night at the exquisite Hilton Mauritius, a haven of luxury where they delighted in world-class amenities, refreshing cocktails, and scenic vistas.

Next was the adventurous La Vallée Des Couleurs, where nature’s wonders and unique geological formations captivated their senses.

Cultural odysseys unfolded with a rum-tasting escapade at the esteemed Chamarel distillery, and visits to Port Louis, the vibrant capital, and the picturesque Bois Chéri tea factory.

These experiences provided glimpses into Mauritius’ rich heritage and traditions, enriching the guests’ understanding of the island’s soul. The tour embraced relaxation at the all-inclusive Club Med Albion resort, inviting guests to bask in tropical serenity by the poolside.

Culminating with two nights at C Mauritius on the eastern coast, the tour unveiled treasures like Sugar World, a Hindu temple, and the historic Chateau de Labourdonnais.

A visit to the enchanting Île aux Cerfs island added a sublime finale to this indelible journey. Navy Wang, managing director at MW Tours, expressed delight in hosting the MegaSega fam group, lauding it as an educational voyage showcasing Mauritius’ finest.

Such experiences, Wang emphasised, play a pivotal role in positioning Mauritius as a premier travel destination, heralding a future brimming with eager visitors to this paradise island.

Mauritius, an ideal destination for a standalone holiday or honeymoon, offers great golfing and a wide range of water sports for the active traveler. It also makes a great combination with an Africa Safari to relax on the way home.

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