Tunisia is a popular holiday destination for Britons but they have been given some important travel advice.

Holidaymakers are currently being warned that they should be mindful when visiting the North African destination, in the wake of Iranian military activity against Israel.

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office recently updated its Tunisia travel advice: “On April 13, 2024, Iran carried out military action against Israel.

“Monitor this travel advice and other media as the situation is changing fast. Follow and contact FCDO travel on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. You can also get email notifications when this travel advice is updated. Read FCDO advice on how to deal with a crisis overseas.


Britons have been given an important travel warning


“Before you travel, check the ‘Entry requirements’ section for Tunisia’s current entry restrictions and requirements. These may change with little warning. Monitor this advice for the latest updates and stay in contact with your travel provider.

“It is more important than ever to get travel insurance and check it provides sufficient cover. See the FCDO’s guidance on foreign travel insurance.”

Britons have been warned about specific risks they should be mindful of in particular areas of the country.

Holidaymakers were told: “Since July 1, the city of Sfax has witnessed several days of civil unrest, including reports of injuries, arrests, and one death, related to heightened tensions between residents and migrants from sub-Saharan Africa. Security forces in Sfax and the region are on high alert. Further disturbances could occur with little or no warning and impact other Black people perceived to be of sub-Saharan African origin.

“Terrorists are still very likely to try to carry out further attacks in Tunisia, including against UK and Western interests. There have been a number of self-initiated attacks in 2023. On 3 July a National Guard officer was attacked with a knife in the La Goulette area of Tunis.

“In June, a police officer was stabbed and killed outside the Brazilian Embassy in Tunis. In May, a fatal shooting took place on the island of Djerba, near to where Tunisian and international visitors were taking part in the annual Jewish pilgrimage at the El Ghriba synagogue. Three security personnel and two civilians were killed, and ten people were injured.”

Britons were informed that “security forces remain on a high state of alert in Tunis and other places”. They were warned: “You should be vigilant at all times.”

Places where Britons have been urged to stay vigilant

  • Around religious sites and festivals
  • Crowded areas
  • Government installations
  • Transportation networks
  • Businesses with Western interests
  • Areas where foreign nationals and tourists are known to gather

Tourists were told to follow the advice of local security authorities, but were warned that in more remote areas of the country, including tourist sites in southern Tunisia, security forces’ response times to an incident may vary.

The FCDO provided information on the political system, which Britons should consult before visiting Tunisia.

The FCDO also warned: “Protests occur in Tunisia with little or no warning, and can sometimes become violent. They usually take place in central areas of Tunis and other major cities, and in the vicinity of government buildings, often but not always on weekends or around prominent national anniversary dates.

“In response to the current situation in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories, peaceful demonstrations have occurred in some Tunisian cities, including outside some Western embassies. Avoid all protests, and move away from gathered crowds. Keep up to date with developments through the media and follow the instructions given by the Tunisian authorities as well as your hotel and tour operator, if you have one.”

Visitors to Tunisia must consult the FCDO’s advice, as the Government department “advises against all travel” to several parts of the country, and “all but essential travel” to other parts.

And this is not the only country Britons have been warned about in recent days. British tourists were given a fresh travel warning for Egypt and Morocco, and were urged to keep checking the FCDO’s travel advice and other media.



Britons have been told: ‘You should be vigilant at all times’


Britons visiting the UAE were issued with a similar caution regarding Iranian military activity against Israel.

They were told how to deal with a “crisis” overseas, including large-scale terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and political unrest.

Another warning has been shared for Dubai due to “very challenging conditions” that have hit the UAE.

Amidst extreme weather, Britons and other travellers were told, “Do not come to the airport”.

In other world news, British holidaymakers have been warned as a “fatal” disease is spotted across the globe, including a popular tourist hotspot.

Closer to home in Europe, parts of Spain are waging a war with tourists. An anti-tourist protest date looms, with residents of the Canary Islands set to take to the streets tomorrow, on April 20.

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