In the ever-evolving world of accessible travel, where the horizons of exploration are so often limited by systemic barriers and attitudinal hurdles, a profound transformation is taking place. Thanks to the relentless dedication of a selection of individuals with lived experience of Disability, we find ourselves on the cusp of a remarkable new era of travel, one which may well culminate in a barrier-free planet.

In this month’s Beyond Barriers, Condé Nast Traveller’s monthly column dedicated to sharing the latest developments and stories of Disabled travel, we meet some of the most influential figures in the field of accessible travel. Remarkable pioneers who have defied stereotypes and paved the way for a more inclusive world, harnessing their personal experiences to catalyse a global shift. Their collective efforts are a testament to the transformative power of determination, creativity and advocacy. These are the 14 people making the world more accessible and inclusive for 2024.

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Maayan Ziv

Founder, AccessNow

Wheelchair user Maayan Ziv, an unstoppable activist named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women, has been a trailblazer for inclusive travel for decades. As the founder of AccessNow, she developed the tech platform to enable Disabled travellers to navigate the spaces where they live, work, and travel with greater confidence and knowledge. Additionally, as co-founder of the Rights on Fights initiative, Maayan champions inclusive air travel on a global scale.

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Alvaro Silberstein

Founder & CEO, Wheel The World

In the pursuit of “empowering people with disabilities to explore the world without limits,” dedicated traveller and wheelchair user Alvaro Silberstein co-founded Wheel The World, an online marketplace for people with disabilities to plan and book accessible trips. The Chilean entrepreneur, public speaker and passionate Disability advocate harboured a vision to unite a passionate community of explorers, and today Wheel the World is unlocking new doors for Disability tourism globally.

Fred Maahs

Founder, Maahs Travels

Fred Maahs Jr, the visionary behind Maahs Travels, has earned widespread recognition for his unwavering dedication to enhancing accessibility for individuals with disabilities. As a consultant and speaker, he passionately advocates for expanding inclusivity, tapping into the vast market represented by people with disabilities. He is also the co-founder of JourneyAble, a storytelling platform, content network and social community, elevating accessibility on the world stage.

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