THE best value holiday destination for Brits has been revealed this year.

Anyone planning a holiday this year will be considering the price, due to the ongoing cost of living crisis.

The best value holiday destination has been revealed by the Post OfficeCredit: Alamy
Spain came in second place – despite the Costa del Sol being one of the least affordable destinationsCredit: Alamy
Switzerland came near the bottom for it’s valueCredit: Alamy

However, this doesn’t always mean cheap, but instead getting the post for your money.

And the Post Office has released it’s annual Holiday Spending Report for 2024, which includes the best value destination.

Speaking to thousands of Brits, the top spot didn’t, surprisingly go to Spain.

Of Brits who had been to Greece, 94 per cent said the country was the best value destination.

This was backed up by the Post Office‘s City Costs Barometer earlier this year, which saw the capital of Athens named as one of the most affordable.

Cheap holiday deals can be found too – with four nights as little as £189pp, or all-inclusive breaks under £400pp.

Fancy some cheap Greek islands? A study found that lesser-know islands Klymnos, Thassos and Lefkada were the most affordable for summer trips.

Coming in second in the Post Office study in regards to a best value holiday was Spain.

Despite this, this wasn’t backed by their City Costs Barometer, with the Costa del Sol coming in a low 14th place.

Tying with Spain was the Canary Islands (93 per cent), followed by both Portugal and Turkey at 92 per cent.

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And for a cheap break, you’re best avoiding Switzerland or Scandinavia, which came in last place.

They both came below other pricy destinations such as the Caribbean, the US and Australia.

France also came low on the list, as did Italy, as did long-haul destinations like Dubai.

Brits overspending on holidays has hit a record high too.

The study found that the average budget per person for a holiday was £334.

However, only a third stuck to this, with many overspending by as much as £154.

Greek deals can be found for as little as £189pp right nowCredit: Alamy

The biggest factor? Food and drink, in particular when it comes to restaurant meals and drinks.

To avoid falling victim to this, we’ve revealed some clever ways you can avoid spending a lot while dining out.

Laura Plunkett, Head of Travel Money at Post Office, added: “The evidence provided by holidaymakers who have travelled abroad in recent years makes it clear that most people set inadequate budgets and end up overspending as a result.

“Given the rising concerns about resort costs, we urge holidaymakers to think back to the overall cost of their last holiday and set a budget based on that experience.

“This will be the most practical way to avoid incurring extra fees for paying with a debit or credit card or having to withdraw cash from an ATM.

“A good solution is to carry a combination of cash and money held on a pre-paid Travel Money Card that will not incur extra transaction charges.”

Heading to Europe? Here’s why now is the best time to buy travel cash.

Best value holiday destinations 2024

  1. Greece – 94%
  2. Mainland Spain – 93%
  3. Canary Islands – 93%
  4. Portugal – 92%
  5. Turkey – 92%
  6. Bulgaria – 89%
  7. Thailand – 89%
  8. Balearic Islands – 87%
  9. Mexico – 87%
  10. Malta – 86%
  11. Cyprus – 86%
  12. South Africa – 85%
  13. Egypt – 85%
  14. Vietnam – 85%
  15. Croatia – 83%
  16. Canada – 79%
  17. Italy – 79%
  18. New Zealand – 79%
  19. Caribbean – 79%
  20. Australia – 74%
  21. Sri Lanka – 73%
  22. Kenya – 73%
  23. Mauritius – 68%
  24. USA – 67%
  25. France – 65%
  26. Dubai – 51%
  27. Switzerland – 38%
  28. Scandinavia – 38%

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