Travel advisors seeking to sharpen their skills and grow their business are participating in the American Society of Travel Advisors (ASTA)’s 2024 mentorship program. 

Now in its second year, the initiative has doubled in size – it started with 10 pairs of mentors and mentees in 2023 and now has 21 pairs participating. The mentorship program matches ASTA members with more seasoned travel advisors who offer guidance in their careers. 

“We try to be hands-on from the beginning of the program; we have a committee that initiates the introductory mentoring session to set goals, expectations, and try to break that bridge between the mentor and mentee so that it’s a good start,” Alvin Adriano, ASTA’s director of industry affairs, told TMR. “It’s important to find objectives and goals that are measurable, so it doesn’t become just chit chat or informal relations. We want to ensure that both mentor and mentee have goals they want to be successful with.” 

The six-month mentorship program is an exclusive benefit for ASTA members that began this month and will run through Sept. 30. Mentors and mentees meet a minimum of once a month either in person or virtually to discuss skill building, career development, and other topics, such as leadership, communication, and self-confidence. 

“I am grateful that I was chosen to be a part of this first program. I can’t thank ASTA enough for the opportunity. I always jump at the chance for growth, both as a person and for my business, and this program was exactly what I needed,” Michelle Shumate, Fairy Godmother Travel, said in a testimonial. “I love having someone with whom I can feel free to ask anything and to bounce ideas off and someone to give advice and recommendations but also hold me accountable for things I need to work on. It’s been highly beneficial.”  

ASTA’s mentorship program is held once yearly; find more information at 

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