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A new survey from Allianz
Partners USA
has discovered that the majority of travelers are opting for
domestic trips this summer,
and observed a strong inclination among American travelers toward leisure trips,
family-oriented vacations and traveling by air. 

According to the
survey, which examined the summer travel plans and buying behaviors of nearly
5,000 customers of the travel insurance and assistance company, 65 percent of
respondents plan to vacation within the continental United States. Meanwhile, Europe is
attracting 17 percent of travelers, while Mexico,
the Caribbean,
and Hawaii
are drawing 10 percent of those seeking a summer getaway.

Whether staying stateside
or headed overseas, for many, family travel stands out as the primary focus,
with 42 percent of respondents indicating that their summer trips will revolve
around spending quality time with loved ones. Solo trips account for 20 percent
of Americans’ travel plans, getaways with friends make up 15 percent, and
romantic trips for two are planned by 14 percent. Taking leisure time is also a
major priority for 87 percent of travelers, whereas only 3 percent are
traveling for business and 10 percent are going for bleisure—a combination of
business and leisure.

Air travel is the
preferred mode of transportation for 56 percent of respondents. Meanwhile, 11
percent will drive their own vehicles, four percent will use rental cars, and three
percent will travel by train or bus. Water-based conveyances, including
riverboats, expedition ships and cruise ships, account for seven
percent of summer travel. Moreover, 19 percent of survey participants plan to
use a combination of these transportation methods.

Regarding accommodation, 40 percent of travelers will stay in hotels and resorts, while 23 percent will stay with family and friends this summer. Meanwhile, seven percent of respondents said they would opt for short-term rentals, like Airbnb, four percent are going to personal vacation property, and nine percent will stay onboard cruise ships or riverboats. A combination of lodging options will be used by 19 percent of travelers.

In line with this
year’s “gig-tripping” trend, many U.S. travelers are taking trips to ensure
they get to see their favorite artists, who are back on the road post-pandemic.
As it turns out, 34 percent are planning to attend a theater performance or
show, and 22 percent looking forward to concerts or music festivals. Other
popular activities include visiting theme or water parks (17 percent),
attending health- or wellness-focused retreats (15 percent), participating in
sporting events (15 percent), attending weddings (14 percent) and or traveling
on business (13 percent).

Given the spate of
flight disruptions seen in recent years, it’s unsurprising that Allianz Partners
customers harbor concerns about travel-related hiccups arising, with 31 percent
worried about travel issues and delays. Health concerns, such as getting sick
or injured before the trip (12 percent) and medical emergencies during the trip
(12 percent), also weigh heavily on travelers’ minds. Other concerns include
rising costs of food and entertainment (6 percent), destination safety (five
percent), high fuel prices (three percent), and testing positive for COVID-19
before the trip (two percent).

Given these anxieties,
many travelers are placing a high value on obtaining travel insurance. An
impressive 78 percent of the Allianz Partners’ customers polled indicated that
they are likely to procure trip protection again for future travels.

“It’s heartwarming
to see travelers so eager to reconnect with loved ones this summer, while
making time for the rest and relaxation so many Americans desperately need,”
said Daniel Durazo, director of external communications at Allianz Partners
USA. “It’s also refreshing to see a majority of our customers placing
importance on travel protection, for not only their current summer plans, but
for future trips as well. Knowing you can be protected from covered summer
travel delays and issues can make reconnecting this summer that much sweeter.”

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