Is there a more romantic way to travel than riding the rails? Trains changed how we travel, and the innate magic of watching landscapes unfold out of the window is difficult to beat. With climate change an ever-increasing threat and the long-overdue backlash against budget flights taking hold, the world’s railways have never been more enticing. Travelling by train is a brilliant way to see the world without worrying about causing irreparable damage.

The best train journeys in the world are also beautiful, although those nine letters don’t do justice to the glory found here. This is the train travel Hall of Fame, a collection of journeys encompassing everything that makes this famous mode of exploration inspiring and exciting. Riding the rails is travel as it should be, and these routes are nomadic dreams come to life.


🚂 The best train journeys in Europe
🚅 The best train journeys in Asia
🚉 The world’s most spectacular train stations

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